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Doc's Choice
Premium Puppy

Veterinarian developed and nutritional excellence for puppies, and pregnant or nursing adult dogs.

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Doc's Choice
Premium Adult

Veterinarian developed and nutritional excellence for adult dogs of moderate to average activity.

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Doc's Choice was founded by Dr. Gene Graney, licensed Veterinarian and Nutritionist, in 1991. As a practicing Veterinarian, Dr. Graney witnessed first-hand the downward trend in quality of dog food being produced by large manufacturers, and the health implications it had on dogs. Dr. Graney knew something had to be done so he set out to develop a high quality dog food using only quality ingredients, but equally as important, it had to be affordable for everyone. Today, we have "Doc's Choice" - the best dog food available for puppies and adult dogs!

  • Doc's Choice was developed by a licensed Veterinarian and Nutritionist.
  • Doc's Choice meets and/or exceeds the AAFCOO recommended nutrient requirements for dog food.
  • Doc's Choice provides natural sources of Glucosamine, Antioxidants, Omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids, Chondroitin Sulfate, Probiotics, and DHA.
  • Doc's Choice is pelletized, which provides three advantages for your pet:
    1. Pelleted dog food digests much better than kibbled dog food.
    2. Doc's Choice does not use high temperatures to produce its dog food. The kibbling process exposes the dog food to extreme high temperatures that destroy and/or degrade enzymes, vitamins, amino acids, proteins, probiotics, and numerous other nutrients.
    3. Dogs prefer the taste of pelleted dog food over kibbled dog food.

  • Doc's Choice is made with only quality ingredients made in the USA.
  • High Protein - Industry leader with 32% for Puppies and 26% for Adult Dogs.
  • Primary source of protein is Chicken.
  • 90% plus digestible - the high digestible rate means you will feed less and pick-up less in your yard.
  • LESS STOOL! - Yes, that's right. Because Doc's Choice has such a high digestibility rate, you will have less stool to clean up!
  • Dogs love it and it's affordable!

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